Prayer Book Club

Book of the Month

How to Pray – A Simple Guide for Normal People ~ Pete Greig.

“Every pilgrim gets a stone in their shoe eventually. You wake up one morning thinking, Is this really all there is to knowing the Creator of one hundred billion galaxies? You read the book of Acts and ask, Why isn’t it like that anymore? Your world falls apart and you desperately need a miracle. You stare up the stars and feel things bigger than religious language. You say to yourself, If this thing is true, there’s got to be more power, more mystery, more actual personal experience. And so, finally, you turn to God, half wondering whether you’re any more than half-serious, and say ‘Lord, teach me to pray”. And he replies. “I thought you’d never ask!”.

Watch Pete Greig share about his book.

You will learn:

  • How To Pray in 4 steps
    • P- Pause -Slowing and Centering: How To Be Still Before God?
    • R- Rejoice -Adoration: How To Worship God
    • A- Ask -Petition: How to Ask God
    • Y-  Yield – Contemplation: How To Pray Without Words
  • Confession and Reconciliation- How To Get Right With God
  • Spiritual Warfare: How to Exercise Spiritual Authority