A missionary in Europe

My name is Josie Irumva and has become a born again Christian at age of 13. I remember that I was touched by the Power of the Holy Spirit and started to cry and weeping in bed at night time! I started to see my sins and repentance followed by joy and peace I ever experienced before. Later on I had wonderful experience of receiving the power of the Holy Spirit which made me to accept the truth of the Holy Bible. In addition to that I have discovered my gifts in terms of serving my Lord and knew that Jesus was calling me to follow him as one of his servants who would take the light into my family, neighbours, friends and into the world according to the will of God.

I am now an intercessor missionary in Europe from Africa and reaching out to people through my Christian channel where I share the Word of God and teaching about intercession and much more according to God’s leading.

The Word of God telling me that Job prayed for his friends and God Almighty turned his captivity and gave him twice as much as he had before. (Job:42:10)!!

Galatians 6:25 Paul also reminds us to carry each other’s burdens to fulfill the law of God! Be blessed.