Assistant Pastor

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. In October 2018 I attended the Festival of Life a word of knowledge came forth that there is someone here that the doctors have said your liver is hardening but God said He has given me a brand new liver.
I claimed it because I got that report in August 2018 six monthly appointment and I have been booked for a liver biopsy just immediately after the FOL.
I had the biopsy, informed the result is normal in August 2019 and a year appointment to review bloods booked for August 2020 but due to COVID-19 I had the appointment in September 2020.
A fibroscan to check the extent of the hardness of the liver was booked alongside the appointment. At the fibroscan appointment the specialist nurse says, “this is a normal healthy liver” based on the measurement which is a complete difference to the last two tests.
Thank you Jesus for giving me a brand new liver. Praise the Lord.
Let somebody shout a glorious Hallelujah!!!