My Story

Shalom, I’m Barbara from Italy but once upon a time I was Babs from Islington…In the 80″ I ran away from my native country and settled in London as a punk, a squatter, I didn’t know God and I was bitter about the church because of my experience as a child with the Italian Catholic Church. After 15 years or so I had my daughter Penny but we had lots of problems with her dad so I decided reluctantly to return to Italy and felt an exiled ever since. Today I’m a born again Christian and London and the UK are always in my prayers and God has led me to the Prayer Shield UK which is a great comfort for me till I find someone to pray with regularly, especially now that even coming over on holiday is difficult due to covid and expensive with Britain leaving the UE. My heart is to pray especially for the fatherless, the youths , those who don’t have moms who pray for them, and for a big moving of the Holy Spirit over the UK and Ireland, that God may unite that which men are tearing apart, in Jesus’ name.xxxxxxx