The Waymaker – A God that trades in Kindness

On my way to work in the early hours of the morning, I took a bus to get to my next departure point only to find out that there would be no buses running until a few hours later. I had already bought quite a pricey day ticket and with things being quite tight at the moment, I stood there wondering what to do. I had to get to work and the cost of a taxi was unbearable for me to think about. A young man was also waiting nearby and I asked him about the bus route he was waiting for. He confirmed same as mine and advised me to get a taxi as the next bus was hours away. I asked what about you? He said ‘ don’t worry about me’ and then offered to pay for my taxi. I was shocked. We ended up sharing the taxi to where I needed to be and he paid for it, refusing to share the cost and left. He was on his way home from a night of work. I was amazed at his kindness and blown away by God’s miraculous intervention and resolution of the difficulty I had been presented with through a heart of kindness. I am praising God for His Faithfulness & Love and the kindness of that young man.

Whilst this was happening, four things came to mind –

Flowing Springs of Water in the middle of the desert
The Waymaker and Our Helper in times of need/trouble
Kind and Faithful God &
God moving through kindness

I testify of a Great and Faithful Father. Help me praise Our God, Bless the Lord, O my Soul.