With Prayer

During the first lockdown in 2020 I was rather anxious about going out and getting fined for being out when we were allowed to exercise.
Because of lockdown everything was stopped. Church stopped, holidays stopped, being out with my dog stopped, taking photos and attending my camera club stopped and choir stopped.
The Prayer Shield and Thy Kingdom Come and Church of England in the diocese was online, everything was either by Zoom, YouTube or Facebook. Rather anxious about going out, staying in and meeting others, I missed my family who do not live near me and were over 2.30 hrs away. Prayer has been an important help and as sustained me along with others from my church. I met for prayer at 0900 Monday to Friday
I then created a group from outside my church and met on Monday and Thursday but are now doing possibly a Wednesday once a week.
These were on Zoom . My camera club also went online with Zoom and then I became President of the club for the 2030-2021 season which had now finished until September 2021.
I even recorded a video of Ephesians about putting on the whole armour of god in a friend’s garden.
I was also waiting for an operation on both of my eyes praise the lord this had now been completed and new glasses. I will be able to wear very soon.
God is interested in all parts of our lives. Some of us, or a lot of us, have suffered in our mental well-being and when someone says ‘how are you’ some say ‘I’m fine’, as did, I but underneath I wasn’t I was struggling with not seeing the family not being in church, not meeting up with friends.
But I was able to get myself up out of bed and take my camera and go out early in the morning to get the sunrise or sunset, met up with friends at Pebble Beach Cafe, ofcourse social distanced all the time
The Lord has been relevant and something as been released from with in my spiritual walk with prayer and and my faith in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
Proverb 3 v 5-6 Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths
We need a fresh out pouring of your presence Holy Spirit come we need you now which as spoken to me very powerfully which was this weeks worship x